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Auto Sure Warranty

All of our Vehicles are eligible for an optional service agreement ranging from 6 months or 9k miles to 36 months or 50k miles. The cost can be added to your contract for just a few more dollars a month! Protect yourself against unexpected breakdowns and get extra peace of mind!

Auto Sure™ is the trademark of our Extended Warranty Program assuring you that Crown Auto Sales and Leasing is committed to providing good, reliable transportation.

Without a warranty you risk paying hundreds or even thousands in costly repair bills. Auto Sure Protection Plans gives you the peace of mind in knowing you will only pay a small deductable for a repair that could cost you thousands.


We have several types of Insurance available to protect your vehicle investment

Collision & liability Insurance from preferred agents
Gap insurance
Debt Cancellation

We can bind your coverage with a small down payment right at the dealership so that you can drive today.